The temple management under the Muzrai department has taken up several initiatives for the betterment of the temple, devotees, society and environment. Continuous improvements are being made on several fronts:

Anna Dasoha

Banashankari temple servers food to thousands of devotees daily since May 2016. Every visitor to the temple is served fresh food meals. A two-storey building is being constructed to facilitate smoother service of Anna Dasoha.


Biogas Plant

The temple had an age-old problem with the waste produced in temple kitchen. The temple authorities have now found a solution to their waste problem as they are using the wet waste to fuel their kitchen. The kitchen makes food for devotees that throng the temple for the daily ‘Anna Dhana’ program.
The temple has installed a biogas unit where all its food waste will be collected and used as fuel for their kitchen. The temple on an average serves close to 1,000 people and on Fridays, the authorities say close to 4,000-5,000 people are served through the day.
Lakshmi, executive officer, Banashankari temple, says, “The wet waste which is generated, like the left over rice, sambar and vegetables, are put into this plant which has a capacity of 50 kg at a time. Whatever gas is produced from this is being used in the kitchen


Leaf Compost Plant

The temple has implemented a Leaf compost unit for processing all dry and wet leaves in the temple premises and generating bio fertilizer for the plants.


Cultural Events Stage

The cultural stage complete with state-of-the-art sound systems is available for the deserving and interested artists to conduct any cultural events and activities. The temple administration provides the podium free of cost to deserving and good programs (administration will approve programs)


Kalyana Mantapa

Temple has initiated building of a new Kalyana Mantapa to serve the needy people to perform their religious functions and ceremonies.

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